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Canary Island: a paradise for surfers and water sports lovers

Lanzarote, Las Palmas, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria: Spain’s Canary Islands are a paradise for business, vacation or even sports! The seven Canary Islands are positioned in the Atlantic Ocean in just the right place for temperatures of sixty five to seventy six degrees Fahrenheit all year around. This is the perfect weather for water sports, even in the winter. Water sports are a favorite past time for the locals and the culture embraces the activities for tourists to enjoy!

There are always events going on in the community and competitions for everyone to participate in. Enjoy surf holidays in the Canary Islands when you feel like water sports get too routine, you can try surf fitness training instead of surfing for leisure or take up windsurfing as a hobby. There are also activities for everyone else like sailing around all seven islands in a sailboat or a paddle boat, water skiing and para-sailing are also available for tourists.

Many activities are available

The scuba diving and submarine diving experience is taken to another level with underwater photography to make your memories last a lifetime and for beginners, lessons are available for every every activity. Of course, swimming is always an option with 150 beaches to choose from.

With all of the islands combined, there are over 900 miles of coastline for whale watching, snorkeling and big game fishing. Water sports lovers will enjoy surf holidays in the Canary Islands, but the weather is perfect for other outdoor sports too and tourists can enjoy also golfing, gambling, spas, aquariums, zoos, water parks, marinas and even concert halls.

There is even a time and a place in the Canary Islands for business. Entertain executives at one of the many conference centers or modern hotels with plenty of bars and restaurants. Whether you are taking the family or taking your business, just do not forget to take your surfboard! :-)

Photo Credits: WolfHouse