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Eisbach: surfing a Munich's river wave in Germany

Surfing in Eisbach, Germany

The Eisbach river is a surprisingly popular spot for surfing. Surfing in Eisbach is considered river surfing and is an interesting and fun way to enjoy nature.

The main spot for surfing is a standing wave that is just past a bridge by the Haus der Kunst art museum. The wave itself stands about 1 meter tall. The area around the wave is generally very shallow and thus it is advised that only experienced surfers attempt to surf this wave. There are even multiple signs that inform the reader to avoid attempting to surf the wave if they are not of a certain experience level.

Standing waves allow for the surfer to surf for as long as they can hold out creating an amazing challenge for anyone who wants to attempt to surf this wave. It is a true test of endurance and skill both that allows the rider to freely see just how far they can go.

The local surfers in the area have even started to find ways to improve upon the way the wave is shaped and its overall height by attaching ropes to the bridge. This allows them to create a wave more suited towards what they want or can handle and keeps the wave more interesting as well.

Attempting to surf the wave was considered illegal until 2010 when the surfing community finally won out and the authorities decided to make it a legal venture. It has since been a source of tourism with huge lines often forming to get onto the wave. River surfing is something that isn't found in many places and surfing in Eisbach is one of the few chances you have to do it!

Photo Credits: WikiMedia