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Surf Spots in North Cornwall

In the endless quest for the perfect wave, many surfers have traveled all over the world: Hawaii, California, New South Wales, Cape Town. All great places to surf, but all far away from the UK. While you can and should aspire to an adventure in South Africa, the United States, or Australia, that doesn't mean you need to hang up your board in the interim. Some of the best, most beautiful places to catch a wave can be found in the Southwestern United Kingdom! Having made such a bold declaration, let's discuss five of the best surfing spots in North Cornwall.

Most well-know North Cornwall's surfing spots

Bude is the most well-known of North Cornwall's surfing hotspots, and offers something for everyone. Beginning surfers can find surf shops, instruction courses, and easy to handle beach breaks, and the North Coast's dangerous reef breaks can challenge even the most jaded expert—if you can find someone to tell you where they are. Bude is also a popular holiday spot, which has its upsides and its downsides; while there's plenty to do there when you're not in the water, some might find the area a wee bit too civilised.

Polzeath is a great place to surf because its west-facing beaches pick up great swells off the Atlantic, offering good surfing at whatever tide. The Newquay area competes with Bude for the best surfing in the UK. Unfortunately, it's also got the same problems as Bude—crowded beaches packed with too many folks on holiday. Still, if your friends or family surf, that may not count against it!

Perran Bay tends to be less crowded, because it's a bit of a trek to get to the ocean. If you're looking for a place to surf without having to put up with the crowds, though, it's a really good choice.

If you head north from Camborne you'll hit the Portreath Coast, which is a great spot for skilled surfers, if you're willing to wait for a big swell and are mindful of the rocks.

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